Action Plan – Property Marketing Program

Day 1

  • Listing Taken

    Congratulations you have just chosen one of Calgary’s top real estate agentss to sell your property.

  • Interior & exterior photos taken by professional photographer

    All photos and virtual tour placed on the MLS and all real estate websites including my own.

  • Professional 4 page color highlight sheet is prepared

    Professional Property presentation for potential purchasers.

  • Property is uploaded to the Internet.

    World wide access to all active MLS boards, real estate agents, Relocation companies and their clients, and Investors.

  • Electronic Lock Box is placed at the property

    Allows all MLS real estate agents easy access when showing your home, each viewing is logged electronically, keeping your home safe.

  • Your listing is added to RE/MAX Daily Hot Sheets

    All RE/MAX Associates have immediate information on your property.

  • MLS Information is broker loaded into Calgary Real Estate Board for the MLS computer.

    All MLS real estate agents will be immediately notified across the city.

Day 2

  • Copy of land-title ordered

    Expedites the sale.

  • Mortgage information & tax verification ordered, request Condo docs if applicable

    Expedites the sale.

  • Real Property Report (if applicable) ordered

    Expedites the sale.

  • Home Inspection is ordered (if applicable)

    Expedites the sale.

  • Home repairs/cleaning ordered (if applicable)

    Expedites the sale.

  • For Sale sign placed in front yard of the property

    Showing real estate agents can locate the property easily. Approximately 30% of homes sold because of For Sale Signs

  • Proof of highlight sheets emailed to client

    Ensures that all information is accurate.

Day 3 & 4

Professional highlight sheets are printed and delivered to:

  1. Subject Property

    Information is made readily available for all real estate agents, potential purchasers and investors.

    All potential purchasers receive a professional presentation of your property.

  2. All of my own qualified purchasers in our database

    I always have highly qualified purchasers waiting to buy.

  3. Faxed to all members of our strategic alliance team

    High quality exposure to other potential purchasers.

  4. All area Companies & Real Estate Agents

    The active area real estate agents and surrounding companies are provided with your property’s details.

Statistics show that surrounding property homeowners often know of someone wishing to relocate into their area.

I will target high turnover communities and specific price ranges for maximum results.

After Each Showing

  • Best efforts will be made to contact real estate agents for all feedback on property.

    Gives objective opinion of property. Due to the RECA act, real estate agents are not obliged to provide feedback, however I will do the best I can to get it.


  • I will call you with all updates and comments of all showings.

    Helps us determine how our list price compares and if there is anything we can do to help market the home.

Every 15 Days

  • The Marketing Program, pricing and presentation of your home will be reviewed.

    Provides opportunity for seller and Sales Associate to review and re-evaluate marketing plan and price if necessary.

When Offers Are Received

  • All offers will be presented to you.

    During each offer presentation I will provide the latest Sales and Listing information to enable you to make the correct decision of acceptance or counter-offer.

As Required

  • Information Feature Sheets adjusted for any changes.

    To continue exposing your home to the real estate agents and Buyers.

  • Call any neighbors that have previously expressed interest.

    To maximize exposure.

  • Contact the Real Estate Agents from other Companies in the area.

    To maximize exposure.

  • Promote your home to all RE/MAX real estate agents.

    To maximize exposure.

  • Real estate agents are called and sent new updated highlight sheets (if changed).

    To maximize exposure.

Public Open Houses

  • Not suggested but more than willing to do.

    Less than 5% of homes sell from open houses and there is a lot of theft at open houses.


“I will commit to keep you advised and informed at all times, while striving to obtain the best price in the shortest time. If for any reason I have not fulfilled what is prescribed within this marketing plan, I will authorize a full unconditional release from your listing agreement.”

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