When my wife and I made the decision to relocate from Toronto, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta we needed an agent who was very familiar with the city and could advise us on where the best places were to live in the city. (We had never been to Calgary before). We spent a couple of months sending MLS listings to Richard asking him to view the properties and to send back photos and comments about the homes. When we arrived in Calgary in the spring Richard had come up with a comprehensive list of homes (from the MLS listings we sent him and from his astute observations of what we were looking for in a home) for us to view. Richard went out of his way to make the house hunting process as easy as possible and in a few short days we had narrowed the list down to three homes. With Richard’s knowledge of the market, we made a bid on our first choice home. Richard did a fabulous job in presenting our bid as it was accepted by the builder and we could now make plans to move to Calgary. Without Richard’s help, the process of buying a home in Calgary would have been far more difficult. With Richard’s knowledge of the city we found a home (not just a house) that was close to schools, libraries and stores. Looking for a new home in an unfamiliar city can be a daunting task, but Richard’s patience, professionalism and sense of humor made the house hunting process enjoyable. We would not hesitate to recommend Richard.

Ian & Anna-Ruth Rutgers
Reference: 403-375-0890