During the fall and winter, it can be more of a challenge to stay active. The cold weather forces people indoors, and sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated and keep up a workout routine. However, Calgary is home to a few unique facilities and fitness studios that offer people a fun way to keep up their physical health. Instead of always going to the gym or getting on a treadmill at home, consider trying out one of these fun fitness options:

The Beach YYC

3030 – 2600 Portland Street SE

Summer may be coming to an end, but Calgarians can have fun at the beach all year! The Beach YYC is opening this September and will feature Calgary’s first indoor beach volleyball facility. This inclusive and accessible space offers participants the ability to play this fun summertime sport with friends or family. More facilities will be available once the facility opens, including ultimate frisbee games and other beach sports. The courts can also be rented for parties or get-togethers.

For those interested in staying active with beach volleyball, the facility has three different leagues available for people to join: recreational, intermediate and competitive. People can register now for a specific time for the league that best matches their skill level (either at 6:30 or 8:30 p.m.) Teams will be able to play two matches each night.

Jumping Calgary

5403 Crowchild Trail NW

Miss jumping on a trampoline? This unique fitness class uses mini-trampolines for low-impact exercises. Through various jumping, aerobic and cardio movements, participants of the class will be able to work out and stay active in a group fitness environment. Handles extend from the trampolines, so participants can hold onto them and feel secure. Any jumping done in the class is low to the ground, so people don’t have to worry about falling or getting hurt.

Whether you have participated in a class like this or not, anyone is welcome to drop in and try the class. Anyone interested is encouraged to arrive early with good indoor shoes, which will need to be worn during the class. Check the website for an updated schedule of classes, which are expected to start after the summer break in September.

Extreme Air Park

1411 33 Street NE

Calgary’s largest indoor trampoline park is more than just a fun activity for kids – it’s a great way for people to get exercise and enjoy it. The park offers an Extreme Workout Course, combines aerobics, jumps, cardio and strength building. This course is low-impact and easy on joints, so people of all ages and abilities can participate, regardless of their fitness level. However, the course does have different levels available for participants and the set-up is similar to a boot camp circuit.

To participate in the course, people can just drop into the facility and follow a program that will detail what they need to do for the course. No one needs to book an appointment, and there are no additional costs to the general admission prices to participate in the exercise course.


WinSport: 151 Canada Olympic Drive SW

Industrial: 6481 30 Street SE

Cor.Fit is the perfect option for anyone who is training to participate in an obstacle race or is looking for a fun and intense way to stay active. The obstacle courses at Cor.Fit are inspired by popular obstacle race competitions like Tough Mudder and reality contests like American Ninja Warrior. Depending on your skill level and the kind of training you want, Cor.Fit has a variety of adult and child classes available, and the option for individuals to receive personal training. Open gym times are also available for people who are just interested in trying the obstacle out or are looking for a more casual workout.

The facility uses a variety of equipment and obstacles to help boost strength, cardio and endurance including climbing walls, ropes, tires, and carriers. People are welcome to train on their own or with a team, and the course can also be used for birthday and private events.