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The city of Calgary is home to over 1,000 km of paved pathways in the city, making it one of only cities in North America to have so many places for residents to ride, walk, roll or run. This is in addition to the unpaved trails located throughout the city’s many parks and greenspaces.

With the sun shining and everyone eager to get outside, now is the time to explore the numerous pathways around the city in whatever mode of transportation you prefer! However, everyone is still required to maintain physical distancing when using the path by moving to the side when approaching others and being mindful of the distance between others in front and behind you.

Pathway users will also still need to follow the rules in place by the city when using the pathways, like signaling when passing, only using permitted eScooters and eBikes, cleaning up after your pet, and respecting speed limits. A full list can be found here. Be sure to also check the pathway status ahead of time for any detours or closures.

There are many different paths and trails located in every quadrant of the city, including:

Bow River Pathway
This multi-use and fully paved pathway runs along the Bow River through downtown Calgary and parts of the northwest. The entire pathway may be too long to explore at once, but you can make the perfect afternoon or evening tour by starting your journey in the scenic Edworthy Park and making your way to Eau Claire. Regardless of what side of the river you take, there is plenty to see along this pathway, especially the beautiful Bow River.

Nose Hill Park Trail
This natural environment park is located in the northwest of the city and offers over 11 square kilometres of wide-open space right in the middle of the city. The park has plenty of hiking trails and is popular with pet owners because of its many off-leash areas. Although the paths aren’t paved, the park has made improvements to mark primary gravel and dirt trails and landscape stairs, as well as trail markers to ensure users can navigate safely while not significantly interrupting the natural landscape. There are many different access points located around the park, so visitors can explore a different section of the park each time they visit! The park is also home to a lot of wildlife, like deer, coyotes, hawks and more.

Fish Creek Provincial Park Pathway
This provincial park is located in the south area of Calgary. It is mostly a natural space but has a mix of paved pathways and unpaved trails for people to walk, ride and run on. Designated picnic and fire pit areas are also available for guests, and the park is a well-known spot for bird watching and fishing. However, some pathways are designated for cyclists, so visitors are encouraged to check for signs and review the pathways before visiting. Visitors can also check here for any closures or pathway changes in advance. In addition to maintaining physical distancing with other pathway users, visitors are also encouraged to practice good etiquette like stepping aside for people on bikes, being aware of trail conditions and adjusting speed as necessary and watching out for wildlife.

Weaselhead Flats Trail
This natural environment park in southwest Calgary is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for an afternoon and get back to nature. With 237 hectares of open space, hiking trails, pathways and a diverse habitat of plants and wildlife. Visitors can take in the unique scenery which includes plenty of forested areas and the Elbow River. The park is home to a variety of birds including Tundra Swans and three different species of hummingbirds. More information and updates on the park can be found here.

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