The COVID-19 has presented a significant threat to people here in the Calgary area and around the world. From jobs, to school, family life and more, people have had to drastically change how they live their daily lives. This is a challenging time for us all, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do to make a difference. Whether it is looking after loved ones or helping a neighbour in need, there are a few things people can do:


Staying at Home

Everyone has been cautioned against leaving their home except for essential reasons, like going to work if needed or getting essential supplies. With people working and studying from home now, staying at home 24/7 can be hard.

However, just because people are stuck at home doesn’t mean they can’t keep up their physical activity or have fun. Consider taking part in an at-home virtual fitness class like these ones. For people at home with their family, try playing a sport together in the yard (if it is safe to do so) or in the house. Even if it isn’t physical activity, people can still stay active by playing video games or board games, crafts, movie marathons or cooking.

Working and/or studying at home can make it even harder for people to create a balance between work life and home life. For people struggling with distractions or staying focused, consider setting-up a dedicated place to work whether it be an office or a certain area in the house. Multi-person homes can consider separating where they work – for example, have on person on one level of the house or in separate rooms. Try following similar routines in terms of time structure, making sure to stop for breaks and to get up and stretch. This applies to adults and children – set schedules and rules for everyone in the home to create a structured routine.

For more advice on living and working at home, visit the CCOHS’s website here.


Financial Security

With the pandemic have come a number of financial and economic difficulties that can provide a significant strain on homeowners who still have mortgages, property taxes, utilities, groceries, and other regular expenses to pay. While many measures have been put in place by governments to help homeowners, it can be difficult to navigate what options are available and how to access them. Money Mentors has created a list of different support programs currently available from all levels of government that people can access here.

For people that are at home, the company also offers free online classes for adults and children to learn how be more financially responsible, which can also provide some helpful tips to staying on budget during this time.

Helping Neighbours

 Now more than ever, people not only need to look after themselves but also their neighbours. There are many people throughout the community that are more vulnerable to the virus, dealing with anxiety and stress, or feeling isolated. While social distancing practices must be followed, there are still ways people can help others in need.

For neighbours who may not be able to leave their home, consider offering to pick-up essential items for them and leaving them in a safe and accessible place. Community funds have also been created through various charities that people can donate to online to ensure people are getting the support they need. A list of local charities directly supporting people during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here.

Supporting local businesses is still possible through online shopping, food pick-ups and delivery. Whether it is through an online app or website, there are many restaurants in the city that are still providing potential customers with the option of picking up their food to bring home, using the drive-thru, or having it delivered to their home. Many stores are also still offering home delivery, so people can shop at home and receive their items there as well.

To help people that may be dealing with increased anxiety and stress, mental health services and resources can still be accessed online, like here at CMHA Calgary. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and encourage open and honest community with others. At this time, it is also important to stay socially connected even if it is not physically impossible. Utilize video calling, texting or other communication means to stay in touch with neighbours, family and friends, especially those who may be feeling more isolated. It can be more than just a conversation – try hosting virtual movie nights, game nights, book clubs and other activities to be more engaged with each other.

Find more information on the latest COVID-19 updates in Alberta here.